Course Evaluation

Thank you for taking the time to complete this evaluation of the Home Building on Alberta Soils.

  1. How well did this course meet your expectations?

  2. How would you rate the way the information and learning activities were organized throughout the course?

  3. How would you rate your experience of accessing the course and navigating through each module?

  4. How would you rate the quality of the interactive learning exercises including demonstrations, presentations, quizzes and learning games?

  5. How would you rate the amount (number) of interactive learning exercises used in the course?

  6. How would you rate the usefulness of the audio key messages/narration?

  7. How would you rate the usefulness of the reminder emails to complete the course?

  8. How would you rate the length of this course?

  9. We would like you to rate the usefulness of each module within the course.

    Module #Module NameUsefulness of each module
    Module 1Course Introduction
    Module 2Soils 101: The Fundamentals
    Module 3Common Tests
    Module 4Causes of Foundation Damage
    Module 5Remediation Techniques
    Module 6Legal Issues
    Module 7Order of Operations
    Module 8Practicum
    Module 9Final Test

  10. Please use the space below to make note of any additional comments and/or suggestions for improvements.